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Dear visitors to our new website,

The Heidelberg Advisory Committee of Persons with Disabilities (bmb) and the Association for Occupational Integration and Enablement (VbI) welcome you to our new Heidelberg handi-capable website. The preparations for Heidelberg handi-capable lasted two years. Our project would not have been possible without the help of sponsors, donors and volunteers.

Here we present the results of our efforts on behalf of Heidelberg’s residents and visitors: information on the accessibility of public buildings, doctors’ offices, sightseeing locations and much more. Everybody has the right to participate in everyday life freely and independently, and we want to support and enable you. We are also updating and expanding our catalog “step by step”.

There are still several sites missing because we were not allowed to publish information about them. Therefore, we ask medical practitioners with accessible offices to contact us and to have their names and addresses included in our catalog. Heidelberg handi-capable as you see it is not yet complete. Also, we cannot guarantee that our listings are free of errors. If you have questions or want to share new information with us, please contact us at the bmb project office.

bmb-Projektbuero beim VbI e.V.

Alte Eppelheimer Strasse 38

D – 69115 Heidelberg

phone: ++49 6221 9703 34

email: bmb.projektbuero@vbi-heidelberg.de